How to travel to the Stillpoint Practice from outside Sheffield by train

If you are arriving in Sheffield by train you have three choices:

Taxi is the quickest and will cost around £7, ask the driver for Montgomery Road, Nether Edge and say we are next door to the Nether Edge Hotel

No 22 Buses are frequent but it’s an uphill walk from the station. However the city Council have done a great job of landscaping the route to make it a very pleasurable walk. If you decide to walk to the bus ask at the station for directions to the Peace Gardens (it’s a very nice walk if you go through the Millenium Galleries and Winter Gardens). Click here for information about the bus services. This Google map shows the walking route.

You can also catch a Supertram from Sheffield Station to Cathedral Square and then a No22 bus from Cathedral Square to Stillpoint.
The tram stop is inside the station, via the access bridge across the platforms at the opposite end of the bridge from the main exit/entrance, there are lifts between all levels. Your tram stop is on the near side to the right as you come out of the station, you don’t need to cross the tram tracks

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