What people are saying about The Stillpoint Practice and our practitioners

To preserve the privacy of our clients we have generally not included their names with their comments which can be seen by anybody on the web. Many of the original handwritten comments can be seen in the Reception at The Stillpoint Practice

If I could live at Stillpoint, I would!

The Stillpoint Practice has changed my life and I would recommend it to everyone as it may change yours. It has guided me towards a healthy mind, body and soul. I am forever in debt to the person who decided to open the Stillpoint Practice. They have made a massive impact on the quality of my mental health as I am sure they have many others. The customer service I receive has always been friendly and professional from all the staff.

Easy to book appointments, text reminders provided. Lovely new premises and excellent communication emailed through. R Spencer (May 2019)

Very relaxing environment. Friendly staff. Felt relaxed and left with a clear mind. (June 2019)

‘Through Ayurvedic practices of diet, herbs and massage *.  Pru has helped me find clarity, balance and space in my life. Pru is a gentle and compassionate person and I am grateful for her wisdom in my life.’ (Bee Roberts,March 2018)

Yoga therapy – wow! My sessions with Gail have been a real rollercoaster of a ride. The process has been so beneficial for me and has pointed me in the right direction. Yoga therapy has brought the space, time and calming that I really needed. My time with Gail has been invaluable, she offers a warm, welcoming space and is extremely talented at what she does. Thank you.” (Katie)

I have been receiving Shirodhara treatment from Pru since I was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. It has really helped me through my period of cancer treatment (surgery and radiotherapy), and now I have Shirodhara regularly to maintain a sense of well-being. It is the most relaxing treatment I have ever had, as you float away into a calm mental space as the warm oil trickles onto your forehead. Pru is a wonderful practitioner and is always recommending various foods, oils, and so on to help with cancer recovery/ management.  I think Shirodhara would be wonderful for everyone, but for those who are recovering from/ living with cancer, I thoroughly recommend it as a way of coping with feelings of anxiety, and generally as a means of maintaining well-being. Ann (Jan 2020)

I had an utterly marvelous massage with Pru Webster! She is very knowledgeable  and skillful and delivers her unique therapy in a powerful and caring way. S Grace (May 2019)

I believe that if your mental health is strong and stable you can achieve and overcome anything life throws at you and the Stillpoint Practice offers so many great therapies to try and improve mental health of those who visit. (A. Stuart June 2019)

Pru has a real gift!

Her massages are gentle but firm and penetrate deeply. I have seen significant improvement in my physical well being as a result of working with her. Also, I have done a lot of SRT clearing work with Pru which has been hugely beneficial and freeing. In this respect I found her to be very compassionate, wise and grounding as she assisted me through a very unsettling period. She also has a lightness and ease about her which is refreshing as we have laughed at something’s I’ve been stuck on and I have really appreciated this aspect and quality in her while doing some very deep work. If you’ve never tried Ayurvedic massages or healing modalities but are open to something a bit different I totally recommend you book a session with Pru! S. Nicholas (Feb 2018, Sheffield)

What a discovery…………….
The centre is a calm oasis in this noisy modern world, and the massage treatment I am having has improved my health immeasurably.

I have arthritic trouble with my knee, my feet and my neck. Massage has helped me regain flexibility…it makes me feel younger & more vital. I feel I am getting my life back again.

“From start to finish, Gail is attentive, listening, challenging and compassionate – I felt ‘held’ through all the sessions. Her knowledge, approach, voice and intent all create a really safe environment in which, in my experience, you can shed old habits and grow into new ones. The experience was fantastic, I would really recommend Gail.” (Beth)

It all began with lower back pain…I have tried other practices but would never go anywhere else now I have been to Stillpoint. The people are all so friendly and welcoming, and even the building has a peace about it that you feel as soon as you walk in. I thoroughly recommend it!

Excellent, friendly treatment. Very informative and successful

I have Massage at Stillpoint. All the therapists and staff are very caring and supportive and excellent at what they do.

…finding it difficult to express the level of contentment I feel whenever I come through the door. I am always confident that I will be afforded a high level of professionalism and care.

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