What people are saying about The Stillpoint Practice and our practitioners

To preserve the privacy of our clients we have generally not included their names with their comments which can be seen by anybody on the web. Many of the original handwritten comments can be seen in the Reception at The Stillpoint Practice

If I could live at Stillpoint, I would!

‘Through Ayurvedic practices of diet, herbs and massage *.  Pru has helped me find clarity, balance and space in my life. Pru is a gentle and compassionate person and I am grateful for her wisdom in my life.’ (Bee Roberts,March 2018)

To say Gerry saved my life would be an understatement. He not only saved it he turned it round completely. I’d suffered depression for most of my life and it had ruined several relationships and left me suicidal. After my first session of hypnotherapy with Gerry I was a changed man. Happy, relaxed and confident. After four sessions I was dancing and singing all day and enjoying life to the full. I cannot recommend Gerry’s services highly enough.

Just wanted to let Mike know that after visiting with my troublesome calf injury on 8 September 2017 it’s been absolutely great!  Managed to get on with life as normal the following week with the odd twinge and totally recovered the week after!  The painful massage really sorted it out!  Implementing advice daily too.  Thanks, so glad I came!

Rebecca was very responsive to my needs. she adjusted the pressure as necessary and it was a very positive experience for me. (G Cliff March 2019)

“I came to see Kannika because I had a minor neck and back injury from a car collision and despite successful physiotherapy was still in some pain and discomfort. So far I have had two sessions with her and am looking forward to my third! After just the first session my symptoms all but completely disappeared and I had a freedom of movement that was more fluid than I have known before. I was impressed by her skill, versatility, attentiveness and strength! She gives a very thorough meticulous and dexterous massage. I can wholeheartedly recommend her.”

I came to Alana on recommendation after suffering with sore tight shoulders,neck and back brought on by a physical job. After just my first session I felt a huge amount of tension had been released which continued to improve with regular visits over the course of a few months. She has a thorough, friendly and caring approach, I immediately felt at ease and would highly recommend her. (Angie Smith Oct 2017)

After just 2 hypnotherapy sessions I have stopped smoking! This, after many previous unsuccessful attempts over the 30 years I was a smoker. The sessions were relaxing and enjoyable and I can thoroughly recommend Gerry as a hypnotherapist.

Gerry helped us out when my 11 year old daughter moved to high school. He was very sensitive in his approach to helping her overcome the issues she faced during a difficult time. It only took 3 or 4 sessions to make a real difference to her attitude, and to improve her self confidence to a point where her problems started to go away. After a couple of months the issues faded away and she was back to her normal self. A year on and there are no signs of any of the difficulties she had returning. I know that the work Gerry did with her and the relaxed, unhurried manner in which he made her feel at ease made all the difference. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to any parent with children that could benefit from hypnotherapy.
More comments from Gerry’s clients

Pru has a real gift!

Her massages are gentle but firm and penetrate deeply. I have seen significant improvement in my physical well being as a result of working with her. Also, I have done a lot of SRT clearing work with Pru which has been hugely beneficial and freeing. In this respect I found her to be very compassionate, wise and grounding as she assisted me through a very unsettling period. She also has a lightness and ease about her which is refreshing as we have laughed at something’s I’ve been stuck on and I have really appreciated this aspect and quality in her while doing some very deep work. If you’ve never tried Ayurvedic massages or healing modalities but are open to something a bit different I totally recommend you book a session with Pru! S. Nicholas (Feb 2018, Sheffield)

Massage Kenneth McClure – I have just experienced an amazing back, shoulder and arm massage with Kenneth. I feel 10ft tall and positively glowing. Even putting my clothes back on felt easier! I’m already looking forward to my next session in 2 weeks time. More comments from Kenneth’s clients

A wonderful facial massage by Rebecca. It relieved tension in my face almost immediately. And the neck, shoulder and head massage was equally as good. Rebecca made me feel comfortable all the way through. (M Rains March 2019)

I thoroughly enjoyed my massage with Kannika Hutchinson. I have got to say it was the best massage I have had to treat my Fibromyalgia. She made me very relaxed and her patient care was excellent. I have booked a further massage with her and I will be recommending Kannika to my friends and family. More comments from Kannika’s clients

What a discovery…………….
The centre is a calm oasis in this noisy modern world, and the massage treatment I am having has improved my health immeasurably.

I have arthritic trouble with my knee, my feet and my neck. Massage has helped me regain flexibility…it makes me feel younger & more vital. I feel I am getting my life back again.

I have been seeing Isobel over many years and she has sorted out various problems I’ve had…her gentle methods of treatment have helped me greatly. Now all my family see her and I have recommended her to friends. I always feel she gives her whole time to me and treats my whole body & mind.

It all began with lower back pain…I have tried other practices but would never go anywhere else now I have been to Stillpoint. The people are all so friendly and welcoming, and even the building has a peace about it that you feel as soon as you walk in. I thoroughly recommend it!

Excellent, friendly treatment. Very informative and successful

I have Massage & Acupuncture at Stillpoint plus attend Pilates classes. All the therapists and staff are very caring and supportive and excellent at what they do.

…finding it difficult to express the level of contentment I feel whenever I come through the door. I am always confident that I will be afforded a high level of professionalism and care.

I have been enjoying the peacefulness & healing of the Stillpoint Practice since its opening! When I see Isobel….I often don’t want to leave the room, as it feels like a place where I can be myself, accepted without judgement, and assisted skilfully to make progress in my healing. Thank you.

Many of the original handwritten comments can be seen in Reception at The Stillpoint Practice

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