Therapies available at the Stillpoint Practice

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Special Interests
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Acupuncture :
Jo Moon

Ayurveda :
Pru Webster

Clinical Psychology :
Carolyn Lawson

Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) :
Carolyn Lawson

Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy (CBT):
John Davies | Tria Moore | Victoria Moorhead

Counselling :
Vicky Gaughan | Vena Hanson 

Craniosacral Therapy :
Isobel Stevenson | Raewyn Morrison

Feldenkrais :
Raewyn Morrison

Hakomi Body Psychotherapy :
Vicky Gaughan | Lisa Halse

Hypnotherapy :spacespace
Gerry McAuley | Gina Mayolin

Kinesiology :
Isobel Stevenson

Life Coaching :
Gerry McAuley

Manipulative Therapy
Isobel Stevenson

Manual Lymph Drainage (Dr Vodder method):
Eva Weltermann

Massage Therapy :
Rochelle Clark | Raewyn Morrison | Eva Weltermann| Vicky Gaughan | Kenneth McClure | Kannika Hutchinson| Pru Webster

McTimoney Chiropractic :
Alana Edwards

Myofascial Release:
Eva Weltermann

Network Spinal Analysis:
Alana Edwards

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) :spacespace
Gerry McAuley

Ortho-Bionomy :
Raewyn Morrison

Osteopathy :
Lisa Halse 

Physiotherapy :
Sharon Levett | Lesley Dike | Mike Murphy

Pregnancy Massage :
Rochelle Clark

Psychotherapy :
Vicky Gaughan | Carolyn Lawson
 Vena Hanson | John Davies Tria Moore

Rosen Method Bodywork:
Jane Spilsbury

Spiritual Healing :
Sharon Levett

Sports Massage :
Mike Murphy
| Eva Weltermann | Kannika Hutchinson 

Traditional Chinese Medicine :
Dr Guirong Jiang

Practitioner’s Qualifications

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Health Insurance

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