Hopi Ear Candling

Deborah Jenkins

This is a gentle and ancient treatment. It helps with various conditions affecting the ear and sinuses, and helps to rebalance the ear by drawing out impurities. A natural and relaxing therapy used traditionally by the Hopi Indians.

I begin with a gentle awakening facial massage to loosen up the sinuses. I will then ask you to move onto your side and I will insert the candle into your ear canal. The candle is a hollow tube of wax coated cotton or linen with a small filter in the bottom. When in place I light the candle and burn it down to a couple of inches above your ear. Then I remove it and repeat on the other side. After both ears have been treated there is a second and deeper facial and sinus massage which encourages the release of sinus congestion.

This treatment can help with sinus trouble, wax build up and in some cases tinnitus responds well to it. It can help with vertigo and is great for frequent air passengers and crew. It is also great for glue ear and is safe from a young age.

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Deborah’s fees:

45 minutes – £39

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