Pregnancy and Babies

  • Are you pregnant, or would you like to be?
  • Is your back aching but you don’t want to take drugs?
  • Are you overdue & wondering what might help?
  • Are you anxious about the birth?
  • Is your baby suffering with colic, difficulty sleeping or feeding?

At Stillpoint several therapists offer appropriate treatment & support during pregnancy, for childbirth, induction of labour, the postnatal period, for ailments of babies and young children, or for help with infertility.

Massage in Pregnancy :

Deborah Jenkins

Pregnancy massage is a specialised form of massage that addresses the various aches and pains common in pregnancy. It can help with:

  • SPD symptoms
  • Tension in shoulders
  • Lower back ache
  • Restless, tired or slightly swollen legs
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia and sleep disturbances
  • General aches and pains


McTimoney Chiropractic :

Alana Edwards

These therapies are helpful in gently realigning and rebalancing the musculoskeletal structures to ease aches and pains during pregnancy.
They can also be used effectively to balance the spine, pelvic bones & muscles, which form part of the birth canal.

Psychotherapy :

Vena Hanson | Carolyn Lawson| Tria Moore

Our psychotherapists are also skilled at helping people with difficult emotions associated with conceiving, miscarriages, giving birth, and previous pregnancies or deliveries.

Practitioner’s Qualifications

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