Clinical Aromatherapy

Essential oils are the distilled chemical components of various plants, flowers, roots, leaves & barks. The oils can be used to ease symptoms and improve overall health in a similar way to how herbs can be used.

Aromatherapy is the clinical use of essential oils to help clients deal with various ailments – physical, mental and emotional. I am quite passionate about the healing properties of essential oils and love adding aromatherapy to various treatments to boost the healing affects.

I have three diffusers at home, wear an aromatherapy locket everyday and travel with my oils wherever I go! I have seen aromatherapy help people through menopause, ease digestive conditions and help ease the affects of mental traumas.

How a treatment happens

We start with a 30 minute aromatherapy consultation to determine the best oils for you as I offer a bespoke service rather than a one size fits all approach.

From there we can use the bespoke aromatherapy massage oil and perform a gentle, full body massage. We can also blend an oil or cream to use for performing a reflexology treatment. If you prefer no hands on treatment aromatherapy can also be made into an inhalation, a cream or lotion for you to use at home. What your concern is determines which is the best use of aromatherapy in your case.

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Deborah’s Fees:

Consultation 30 minutes – £29 + the cost of bespoke product blend


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Essential Oils

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