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McTimoney Chiropractic
Network Spinal Analysis (NSA)


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I initially became interested in the bodies healing capacity at the young age of 14, after sustaining an injury from figure skating at national level.  My recovery introduced me to manual therapies…and so my passion began!  My 5 year chiropractic degree was funded whist working as a Respiratory Technician, originally in the NHS (Northern General Hospital, Sheffield) but then privately.  This period required a great deal of dedication and determination to cope with studying and working full time, as well as commuting from Sheffield to the chiropractic college in Oxford.  Alongside my chiropractic degree I completed a diploma in sports and remedial massage with the Active Foundation. This helped to enhance my perception of the bodies anatomy and physiology, and broaden my scope of techniques to detect and treat musculoskeletal problems. I have learnt a lot about how nutrition can affect how our bodies behave, and how stress can have such a negative effect.  In my own life this has lead me to introduce regular meditation and yoga practice, and several significant dietry/lifestyle changes, in order to address the work/life balance, alongside receiving regular chiropractic care for maintenance and wellbeing.
My journey since I qualified in 2008 has highlighted how the body and the mind are not two seperate entities, but directly affect each other. My degree taught me the technique of McTimoney Chiropractic which assists with problems caused by imbalances in the bony structure of the body. Misalignments of any joints, such as the spine and pelvis can result in interference with nerve impulses leading to pain,weakness and/or changes in sensation. This can result in increased wear and tear, and a reduced capacity for the person to reach their full potential. Pain and restriction are ways that the body tells us that something is wrong, so by ignoring it we could be doing further damage.
My aim as a McTimoney Chiropractor is to use precise, fast but gentle adjustments to help the body back into balance, during which the patient usually feels little or no discomfort. A full McTimoney chiropractic treatment doesnt just treat the main area of concern, but works through the whole body to help address any compensations that have occurred.  It can even involve mobilizing right through to the fingers and toes!  It is imperative that I also work with you to identify the cause or any aggravating factors of the problem, to assist recovery and mimimise further damage.
In my desire to find a technique that helped to assist the nervous system from the inside out, I found Network Spinal Analysis (NSA or Network for short).  This is an incredibly gentle natural technique that helps to guide the bodies own natural abilities to heal, recover and thrive.  It is an evidence based approach to wellness and body awareness.  It involves very minimal and precise adjustments along the spine to help the bodies nervous system to refocus and re-establish natural rhythums, increasing the clients bodily awareness. This helps to break patterns of tension and ways we hold our bodies that have accumulated through life, often as a result of stressful or traumatic events.  These patterns can become fixed and linger well after the stress and trauma has passed, even when they no longer serve us.
Regular chiropractic treatments can help to maintain good posture, promote health and improve the bodies performance, for everyone from an elite athlete to someone sat at their desk all day.  Prevention is always better than cure! Regardless of how old you are, and whatever your current health challenges, NSA/McTimoney can help your body to cope better, and help you to make better life choices to support your body and your mind.
Conditions that have been found to respond well to McTimoney and Network Chiropractic include back, neck, & general joint pain, headaches, sports injuries and many other conditions. Due to the gentle nature of the treatment, it is suitable for all ages.

What to Expect?…Each treatment session is developed according to your individual needs, whether you have come with an existing chronic or acute condition, or for more general wellness care. Techniques used to realign the body include very light touches and/or fast but gentle adjustments to the skeletal structure, along with trigger point therapy, mobilisations, muscle stretching and deep tissue massage.

At the initial session I will take a full history and carry out a general examination in order to ascertain the root of the problem, and the appropriateness of chiropractic treatment.  Expectations for treatment outcome and the number of sessions suggested will also be discussed.   Exercises may be recommended at the appropriate stage of your recovery to assist with progress, and help your body maintain the changes

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I came to Alana on recommendation after suffering with sore tight shoulders,neck and back brought on by a physical job. After just my first session I felt a huge amount of tension had been released which continued to improve with regular visits over the course of a few months. She has a thorough, friendly and caring approach, I immediately felt at ease and would highly recommend her. (Angie Smith Oct 2017)

Alana is a very caring, knowledgeable and talented Chiropractor. I went to see Alana because my hips started to ache quite a bit. It’s amazing what she can achieve in just a few sessions. I would definitely recommend Alana. (K Hagin Oct 2017)

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Alana’s fees:

First appointment 1hr £65
Follow-up appointments 30mins £42

***Alana is registered with BUPA, AVIVA, WPA and Westfield Health Scheme***

Contact Details:

Mobile: 07732 053005


Address: Evolve Mind And Body Chiropractic (and  Equanimity yoga)
                 Unit 8
                 33 Barnsley Road
                 S36 8AE

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