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My name is Gail Stephens; I am a yoga teacher and a Minded Yoga Therapist.

Yoga therapy is an embodied, person-centred approach to health and wellbeing, and starts from a belief that each client instinctively knows what is best for them, and how to heal themselves. It works systemically, combining body regulation, mindfulness, neuroscience and therapeutic principles with the philosophies, teachings and practices of yoga – a perfect synergy of western science and eastern philosophy.

In my yoga therapy practice, I work holistically with the physical body, the emotions and the mind; also with the breath and the subtle energies. My focus is on working with the client to empower them to discover what is possible to improve their sense of health and well-being; creating personalised programmes to address specific issues, including burnout, stress, anxiety and depression; as well as chronic pain and fatigue and autoimmune disorders.

In terms of the results which could be expected from Yoga Therapy, here are some examples from my practice. One client, who had lived with CFS/ME for over 10 years, described herself as living ‘a life so small it was like living half a life’. Having been unable to work for many years, she is now back in employment again, and is also able to attend a regular yoga class. Another client, living with chronic pain and fatigue, and unable to attend school or take her A levels; has been able to sit (and pass) her exams and is now in her second year at University, living independently away from home.

I am a qualified Minded Yoga Therapist, accredited with the British Council for Yoga Therapy and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council. I am a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, and the Association of Physical and Natural Therapists. I am an accredited Experienced Yoga Teacher with both the Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance Professionals.



“Gail has a very rare, gentle, deep reaching magic, which gently unfolds where you’re at before you know it. She listens attentively and asks thoughtful, relevant questions so that the magic works. Then she teaches you how to breathe or move, hold or release and realise you ‘feel’ different. And it lingers. It seems very long lasting. Like I say, it’s magic and it has made me feel so much better”. (Shauna)

“It’s the holistic aspect of yoga (therapy) that has made it such a successful approach for me to explore further and deeper into my life, attitudes and behaviours. I have to share how fortunate I feel to have worked with Gail, so much so that I hardly know how to express it. I have been able to sustain improvement for so much longer and continue to make progress to an extent I’d only dreamt of before.” (Jane)

“The change has been incredible. Before I was very sceptical about my future and psychologically I struggled, I felt very low. I sometimes experience that now, I think everybody does, but deep down I am so much happier. Yoga has helped so much, it relaxes my body, it has strengthened my body and its stamina, and reduced my pain.” (Lucy)


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Free telephone consultation

All appointments 1 hour £50

Recommended: Initial Assessment plus 5 sessions


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Tuesday: Afternoon


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