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Minded Yoga Therapy

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Yoga Therapy with Dancing Warriors Yoga at the Stillpoint Practice

Dancing Warriors Yoga offers a choice of three different sorts of Yoga Therapy, so that you can choose the therapy that is right for you.


As a Yoga Therapist, I work with people who have had enough – and having had enough, know that it is not nearly enough.  A sense that life could be so much better, just so much better.

Hidden in Plain Sight is a personalised therapeutic programmewhere we begin by identifying what the issues are for you, and how best to work on them; stripping back the layers and coming home to the you that is uniquely you.

Starting with the breath, we also draw on yoga inspired movement, dialogue and relaxation techniques, creating a sustainable pathway for you to use, so that you can realise your full potential and become your best self.

My approach is holistic, and my focus is always on what is possible, what can be changed, what can be improved. What will make you feel better.

Each session lasts for 60 minutes;your investment is £100 per session, typically we will meet for two to three sessions.

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For more information, please go here:; to arrange an informal conversation, please email me:


One:One is a personalised yoga practice, where each session is individually designed to meet your specific objectives.

Maybe now is the right time for you to spend some time with you; to nourish and nurture, prioritising your health and wellbeing.You may want to work on a specific issue, or to gain confidence in moving your body, or to learn the basic yoga poses.

In my bespoke yoga classes, and always working at your pace, I will create an individual practice for you to help you achieve your goals and objectives.

! start from the belief that every body is a yoga body. The yoga that I teach is slow and flowing; I don’t teach headstands, handstands, or any of the other rather more challenging postures. I do teach you how to move and become aware of your body and its potential; how it feels and the space it holds, how to breathe well and how to improve your sense of your own wellbeing.

Each of our sessions lasts for an hour, and will usually include yoga inspired movement, relaxation, and breath techniques. Classes can be chair based, or mat based, or a blend of both.

Your investment is £65 for a single session, or just £200 for a package of 4 sessions (which is a saving of £60).

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For more information, please go here:  https://www.dancingwarriors.come/one-one; or to arrange an informal conversation, please email me:


Long Covid – Help for the Long Haul:  We still don’t know nearly enough about Covid 19, and we know even less about Long Covid, other than – at a conservative estimate – 45% of people who are diagnosed with Covid go on to develop Long Covid symptoms.  And those figures don’t include people who were not hospitalised,who had mild or no symptoms, and who still find themselves experiencing Long Covid.

As anyone suffering with Long Covid will tell you, the main symptoms are fatigue and breathlessness; also, headaches and limbweakness;brain fog, lack of focus and an inability to concentrate;heart palpitations, dizziness, chest pain; ongoing problems with smell, taste, memory and sleep;depression, anxiety and mood swings.

These symptoms suggest oxygen deprivation at the brainstem, and brainstem dysfunction is already associated with other chronic conditions, including CFS/ME, chronic pain and migraine.

Help for the Long Haul is a breath-based Therapy, using a range of breathing techniques and practices which helpwith levels of oxygen and nitric oxide, improve our sense of self and our ability to balance the books of our body budget, soothe brain dysrhythmia and generally play down the symptoms.

Each of our sessions lasts for an hour.  Your investment is £100 for the first session – which may be all you need.  You may, though, want to sign up for more sessions, an additional 3 sessions is £200.

Having said that and given that Long Covid is no respecter of persons or their circumstances, I am happy to discuss payment terms on an individual basis.

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 Please note (for all types of therapy appointment offered):

Dancing Warriors Yoga Therapy does not give medical advice or offer diagnosis of physical and/or mental illness, and does not offer medical treatment.

Dancing Warriors Yoga Therapy is not intended as a substitute for any care which may be provided by a professional primary health care provider, and any such treatment should be continued, complemented by Dancing Warriors Yoga Therapy.

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