Dr Guirong Jiang


Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr Jiang is qualified in western medicine, and has also studied traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) extensively. Dr Jiang’s practice is based on the principles of TCM. People with conditions listed below have found her herbs were helpful to them.

– Acne
– Allergic to certain foods / reflux oesophagitis
–  Bone & joint pain / swelling
–  Constipation / easy to get diarrhoea
– Depression / anxiety
– Dry skin / scleroderma after long term use of steroids
– Eating disorders (low appetite, burping, feel full easily, bloating)
– Fatigue / chronic tiredness
– Feeling hot in the face
– Heart burn
– Heavy periods / uterine prolapse
– Long term running nose / blocked nose
– Low blood pressure / dizziness
– Lymphoedema
– Repeated unexplained sudden breathlessness
– Sleeping problems (hard to get to sleep or early waking, nightmares)
– Snoring / light sleep in children
– Sore or tired eyes
– Sore throats / coughing / lost voice
– Sweating too much (day or night)
– Thick tongue fur / bad breath
– Wounds not healing / recovery after chemotherapy
If you feel unwell in any way, and your doctors have not been able to give you an explanation, you may benefit from a course of herbal treatment.


Dr Jiang’s Working Week:

Call the Practice to check availability 0114 2586133

Dr Jiang’s Fees:

First appointment (30-50 minutes): £42 – includes herbs for 5 days

Follow up appointment (30-50 minutes): £42 – includes herbs for 5 days