Isobel Stevenson

At the centre of Kinesiology is muscle testing, a gentle non-intrusive way to locate muscular, energetic, emotional or nutritional imbalances. Muscle testing provides a direct form of feedback from the body which can be clearly felt by the client as changes occur.
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Tense. aching muscles are often the result of their opposing muscles being weak. Strengthening the weak muscles allows the tight ones to let go, relieving pain and bringing posture back into balance.

Early pioneers in Kinesiology discovered the correlation between the muscles and the acupuncture energy pathways (meridians), and that the muscles can act as indicators for the meridian energy. This enables us to use muscle testing to discover what will enhance or deplete the energy, and therefore assess both what may be causing an imbalance and also the most beneficial treatment approaches.

Rebalancing methods include light touch or massage of acupuncture points, and of reflex points which stimulate the blood or lymphatic circulation. Dietary changes may be suggested and possibly the use of nutritional or herbal supplements.

When balancing at an emotional level is indicated, Kinesiology provides a simple but powerful stress release method (also good for self help), and ‘goal balancing’ which enables people to move more easily towards how they want to be.

I also use flower essences, visualisation and counselling to help people explore the issues involved. Kinesiology enables me to discover the body’s priorities and find a pathway through whatever a person brings to our work together. For me, muscle testing is rather like a language through which we communicate with the body and enable it to ‘talk’ back to us, and what really inspires me is the way in which Kinesiology can provide a bridge which so often takes people to a new understanding of themselves.

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Isobel’s fees:

First appointment 1hr 15mins
Adult £55
Child up to 16yrs £45

Follow-up appointments 50mins
Adult £49
Child up to 16yrs £40

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