Manipulative Therapy

I use gentle and precise manipulations to correct imbalance and misalignments of the bony structures of the body, which may be affecting the circulation or nerve impulses, and thus contributing to pain or changes in sensation.

Wherever someone is experiencing their symptoms, I pay attention to the whole skeletal structure as the body functions as a whole. For example, problems in the pelvis can manifest as pain in the neck area, or vice versa. This gentle approach allows the body time to adjust and assimilate any changes, therefore a series of treatments may be needed, especially if a problem has been present for several months or even years.

Manipulative therapy can be helpful for back, neck or shoulder pain and headaches. Bringing the body structurally into better balance may also help to relieve any additional strain on arthritic joints, reducing discomfort. The overall aim of this therapy is to improve the capacity of the body’s natural healing mechanisms by removing or reducing any structural interference with optimum nerve supply or circulation to the tissues.

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Isobel’s fees:

First appointment 1hr 10mins
Adult £55
Child up to 16yrs £45

Follow-up appointments 55mins
Adult £50
Child up to 16yrs £40

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