Kenneth McClure


Holistic Massage Therapist

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I first studied massage in 2006 while working in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Traditional Thai massage explores yoga style stretches assisted by the practitioner, and opened my eyes to the health benefits of massage body work. I was struck by the impact massage had on the client, their emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing, and that assisting in this development felt like the most natural thing for me to be doing. I felt I had been introduced to something new and exciting.

I had initially trained as a fashion designer; I have a great respect for the human body, and an interest in how clothing and self presentation affects mood and posture, emotion, and feelings of self worth.

Now qualified as a Holistic Massage Therapist from Sheffield Centre for Massage Training, I find giving massage to be transformational for my clients and for myself. I believe that as a therapist I am able to provide space, a place to pause, reflect, search, and develop self love, which is hugely important and beneficial. I want my clients to know they are valuable, respected, and worth investing in. I encourage everyone to search out a great massage therapist, someone they trust and feel safe with, and start a journey of holistic health.

I believe regular massage can help manage and improve many health conditions, support recovery, and create space in which the body, mind and soul can switch into a different rhythm.

My appointments are tailored to your individual circumstances and needs, each session reflecting your physical and emotional history and recent events, how you use your body, and any ailments you are currently living with. During an appointment I may employ techniques such as effleurage, petrissage, deeper tissue massage, rocking, use of trigger points, passive joint mobilisation, assisted stretches, and breath work.

Pausing daily life, making a space in your schedule for this impactful experience, and allowing your self to relax, recover and improve your physical and emotional wellbeing is life transforming.


Susan Gardner. (March 2017)

I have just experienced an amazing back, shoulder and arm massage with Kenneth. I feel 10ft tall and positively glowing. Even putting my clothes back on felt easier! I’m already looking forward to my next session in 2 weeks time.

Chris Heald, Tree Surgeon. (March 2017)
“Working in tree surgery I had suffered with injuries and ongoing muscle strains. I have found Kenneth’s knowledge and practical application following the brief consultation to be direct and efficient. This, combined with affordability has led me to be a regular client, keeping issues in check and my productivity at work at its best.”

Emily West, Musician,  (previously NHS nurse) 
“The first time I received a massage from Kenneth I was put instantly at ease. He was excellent in his assessment, and attention to detail.
I have had many different massages from well known establishments, however none have come close to his unparalleled style and taylor-made techniques.
Kenneth’s knowledge of anatomy and utilisation of it makes such a difference to his practice. He seems to assess and treat as he works, and I always feel and sleep so much better. I can honestly say that he has consistently given me the best massages I have ever received.
It is with such confidence that I would recommend him, he is outstanding.”(March 2017)

Andrew Swarbrick, composer and musician

I can confidently say that Kenneth’s massages have been the best I have ever had. Not only does he make you feel instantly at ease and comfortable in the environment, but he also knows exactly how to ‘reset’ your body. The pressure he applies and the techniques used are just right, and perfect for my needs. He asks all the right questions and responds accurately every time. Cannot recommend massages with him enough!” (March 2017)


Kenneth’s fees:

1 hour – £45

90 minutes – £65

6 60min sessions or 4 90min sessions £220 (pay in advance)

Kenneth’s Working Week:

Monday: Evening

1st Tuesday of every month

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