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Therapeutic Massage
Pregnancy Massage & Bodywork

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Massage is an age old healing therapy, with the importance of touch at its core to support and replenish our emotional and physical resources – an opportunity both to look after ourselves, and to be looked after.

I have a nursing and midwifery background, having worked for 15 years in the NHS and abroad, my interest in complementary therapies beginning 20 years ago when they were helpful to me in recovering from an illness. I qualified at the Sheffield Centre for Massage Training in 2006, going on to do the Massage & Pregnancy Diploma course with Suzanne Yates, a leading teacher of holistic care in pregnancy, birth & the postnatal period.

I am also interested in working with people with physical disabilities, and people who may be self conscious about or feel out of touch with their bodies, or who for whatever reason may be unused to the caring supportive touch that therapeutic massage provides.
Whatever the reason someone comes to me for treatment, my intention is to create an environment and relationship of trust, where they feel valued and safe to receive massage.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic means contributing to healing & general well-being. Massage is the skilful and intuitive use of techniques to work and manipulate the skin, soft tissue, muscles and joints.
This type of massage is versatile in that it can be adapted to be deeply relaxing or more invigorating, to encourage a letting go of general tension or to ease specific muscular aches and joint stiffness. You might require a light, calming massage or much deeper work. Often the body holds muscular tensions that a person is unaware of, and I love the way that these are revealed through massage, enabling them to be attended to.
The massage will vary depending on the individual, and taking into account any specific health issues. I will also work intuitively, for example adapting my approach according to whether you are feeling robust or fragile, happy with the world or rather down.

Effects of Massage

The response of the body & mind to massage is usually one of deep relaxation, allowing the internal systems of the body a chance to work without undue demands, improving functioning & reducing the ill effects of stress, thus providing rest & promoting recuperation.
For people living with high levels of stress, massage helps restore balance to the nervous system & relieve chronic muscular tension, also allowing space to rest a busy mind. Massage can support and improve the function of the immune system if you are recovering from illness, and is also a useful support to other therapies.

Pregnancy Massage and Bodywork

In your journey through pregnancy, labour and birth, I believe that if you can listen to your body, you will know what feels right for you. Massage in pregnancy is a wonderful opportunity for you and your baby to connect and relax together. This massage is suitable at any stage in your pregnancy; first, second and third trimester.

Whether you choose to come regularly or only once, we will plan your massage session, taking account of your medical and obstetric history, lifestyle and stage of pregnancy.

These sessions are intended to provide extra support in helping to maintain health in pregnancy and do not replace the ante-natal care you receive from your Midwife.

The physiological, emotional and postural changes that occur during pregnancy, can lead to ailments, aches and pains, especially in the back neck and shoulders. Massage, and gentle mobilization help to ease and prevent these tensions, relaxing, softening and lengthening the postural muscles of the back. Acupressure massage can help alleviate the symptoms of morning sickness and carpal tunnel syndrome. Lymphatic drainage massage can be helpful in reducing swelling.
You may choose to use the session purely for massage, or include other approaches.

A Pregnancy Massage session may incorporate:

  • Advice & exercises to strengthen the abdominal, pelvic floor and postural muscles
  • The opportunity to explore movements and positions beneficial for labour and birth, and which encourage your baby to settle into the best position.
  • Breathing, visualization and relaxation techniques – relaxation is vital in labour.
  • Your birth partner is also welcome to learn massage & shiatsu skills for labour.
  • Shiatsu techniques may be used to facilitate the induction of labour if needed.

Combining massage, shiatsu energy work and exercise in this way enables deep relaxation & feeling of well-being, easing tensions & supporting your changing body. It helps you tune in to your pregnancy, connecting with your body & unborn baby in preparation for the birth.

Regular massage treatments throughout pregnancy can significantly improve the likelihood of having a normal labour and birth close to term. (Though of course there is nothing like babies for unpredictability!)

Postnatal support

From 2 weeks after birth, massage nurtures the mother helping to promote easier recovery.

Massage at this time can also be nurturing and healing for women who are experiencing post-natal depression. It offers women a space without judgement in which to rest the mind and be gently supported in re-connecting with themselves.

Whatever the reason someone comes to me for treatment, my intention is to create an environment and relationship of trust, where they feel valued and safe to receive massage.


Rochelle’s fees:

Therapeutic Massage 1hr £46
Therapeutic Massage 90mins £66
(please ask if concession is required)

Massage in pregnancy & post natal 1hr 15mins £50
Special Package:   6 pregnancy massages and 1 free postnatal Massage    £300
*payment in advance*

Special Package: 5 pregnancy or postnatal massages     £220
*payment in advance*


Rochelle’s Working Week:

Tuesday: Morning and Afternoon

Wednesday: Late Afternoon/Evening

Friday: Afternoon

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