Vena Hanson

Counselling and Psychotherapy

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I was first drawn to counselling and psychotherapy in the early 1990s, and explored my interest by attending various short courses. I then decided to pursue a more formal training, completing the Post Graduate Diploma at Bretton Hall (through Leeds University) in 1999.
I worked for a year at a women’s prison, and 2 years for South Yorkshire Counselling Centre before developing my private practice in Sheffield. I abide by the BACP code of ethics.
I work on a one-to-one basis and with couples

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Looking after our emotional and mental health is as important as looking after our physical health. Emotional problems often manifest themselves in physical symptoms and I believe that to express feelings, fears and hopes can help people find their own way of being in the world, and ultimately to live to their full potential.
Whilst my training was in integrative therapy, I find that now I work mainly within an existential psychotherapy framework – how we see and experience the world.
It involves addressing life and issues in an open and direct way – aiming to clarify our understanding of our circumstances, exploring what matters most in life and relationships, and finding a framework for living. Past and present events can be brought into the open and offer new perspectives for the future.
Counselling tends to be shorter term and psychotherapy may be more in-depth and longer term, but both require a commitment from you for the process to be effective.

What it means for you

At times it can be difficult to deal with stress, anxiety, crises or relationship issues – not knowing where to turn can lead to feelings of isolation and emptiness. I can offer a safe space to discuss openly and honestly your concerns, problems, fears and hopes rather than suppress or ignore them. I will not judge or tell you what to do, but will listen and offer understanding and, together, we may enable new perspectives and ways forward to appear.
I can help you to explore your values and beliefs towards finding purpose & harmony in life.
You need to allow yourself this process of looking at what really matters in your life. In this way you can identify your strengths and limitations and gradually learn to know your real self.

Vena’s fees:

All appointments 50mins £40

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Tuesday: Evening

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