Do you suffer from hay fever or allergies?

Ayurveda can help….



Spring is such a magical time of year, all around us nature blossoms and blooms, grasses trees and flowers are abundant with pollen and seeds.

But for some of us this is the start of the dreaded ‘hayfever season’ resulting in a myriad of symptoms causing so much irritation and discomfort.

In Ayurveda Spring is the season when the Kapha (water and earth) dosha is predominant.

As the days gradually become longer and warmer this excess of Kapha dosha within our body begins to melt, causing runny noses, blocked ears, sore throats and coughs, colds and allergies.

Often we reach for a quick fix and immediate relief with anti histamines, but Ayurveda can offer more long term benefits and ease your symptoms by treating the underlying cause.

By boosting the bodies immune system and addressing your individual diet and life style, while supporting your system using specific treatments and herbal remedies.

Its all about you!

Ayurveda recognises that everyone is unique and we all have slightly different symptoms when it comes to dis-ease and imbalance, indicating a need to determine which doshas are involved for each individual.

Working together with our qualified Ayurvedic practitioner Pru Webster is an opportunity to recognise the many factors involved in your imbalance and together we can explore and compile a unique healing programme just for you to target and heal the underlying cause of your symptoms and imbalance.

Tips to re-balance for Spring:

Daily massage using warm Sesame Seed Oil followed by a warm shower or bath

Yoga postures- sun salutations, cobra, spinal twist, warrior, Sphynx and bridge pose

Pranayama- Alternate nostril breathing and Ujjai

Avoid daytime naps as this can increase Kapha in the body

Avoid excess dairy products

Favour bitter, astringent and spicy foods

Drink fresh lemon and ginger tea

Shirodhara- the signature oil flow Ayurvedic treatment for the forehead is particularly helpful during this season

Nasya- Nasal administration of herbal oils to help clear excess mucus and toxins from the sinuses

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Help your Hay Fever the Natural Way


In Aromatherapy we can make a blend of powerful yet gentle oils to help clear blocked sinuses. Instead of reaching for an over the counter brand of nasal inhaler – come and have a bespoke one made to your individual needs. Not everyone has the same Hay fever symptoms so instead of a standard blend for everyone we will make a personalised blend to combat your exact set of symptoms! Use with confidence knowing that it is all natural and won’t have the side affects of over the counter medications.


Reflexology can help massively with hay fever! I know – how can working on my feet help clear hay fever in my head, right? Well it’s simple really. We work on clearing the head, ear, eye and sinus reflexes in the feet and/or hands. This triggers the bodies own healing response and helps it to cope better with the onslaught of pollen this time of year! Having regular treatments can help to keep sinuses clear and get you through the season less reliant on anti-histamines.

Hopi Ear Candling

Hopi Ear candling is combined with sinus massage or for the new deluxe Hopi treatment – with facial reflexology. Regular monthly Hopi sessions help to keep sinuses clear. Add the sinus massage and/or the facial reflexology and I have known it to drain stubbornly blocked sinus infections within under an hour!

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