Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can be extremely helpful for the following:

– Allergic to certain foods / reflux esophagitis
–  Bone & joint pain / swelling
–  Constipation / easy to get diarrhea 
– Depression/ anxiety 
– Dry skin / scleroderma after long term use of steroids 
– Eating disorders (low appetite, burping, easy to feel full, bloating)
– Fatigue/ chronic tiredness
– Heavy period / uterine prolapse
– Long term running nose / blocked nose
– Low blood pressure / dizziness
– Lymphedema
– Red crotch / burning heart
–  Sleeping problems (hard to fall asleep or wake up early, nightmares)
–  Sore or tired eyes
–  Sore throats / coughing / lost voice
–  Children’s snoring / light sleeping 
– Sweating too much (day or night) 
– Thick tongue fur / bad breath
– Unknown sudden breathlessness
– Wounds not healing / recovery after chemotherapy

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